Hawaii Event Planning, Coordination and Design

You’ve spent a lifetime dreaming of your wedding. Every detail. Your gown. Your first dance. You want it to be timeless and flawlessly executed. We have spent years perfecting our craft. Always with one goal in mind: To create memories you will hold dear. Forever.

Vintage & Lace is a highly experienced event planning and design company based in Kona on the Big Island of Hawaii serving all the Hawaiian Islands.

We are known for our unique aesthetic and extraordinary designs that are charmingly timeless yet refreshingly modern. At Vintage & Lace, we believe every celebration has a story to tell and we deeply value creating once-in-a-lifetime experiences and one-of-a-kind events.

From the most exclusive resorts and estates to the shores of our serene local beaches, we plan, coordinate and design weddings and events, both big and small.

With over 12 years of experience in Wedding Planning, Coordination and Design, our team is immensely versed with the inner workings and precise planning details involved behind the scenes in executing a flawless event.

We strive to provide our clients with the highest quality service accepting just a limited number of events per year as we take the success of each celebration very personally.

We also maintain a very close relationship with only the best team of vendors on the islands with a reputation for being outstanding in their industry. 

We are humbled to have received many accolades for our wedding planning, coordination and design services including featured publications in The Knot Magazine, Style Me Pretty, Pacific Weddings Magazine, Grace Ormonde Wedding Style Magazine, Martha Stewart Weddings, Alaska Airlines Magazine, Borrowed & Blue, Utterly Engaged, and many more!

Please browse our Portfolio to see our latest work and client testimonials. 


Vintage [vin-tij] n.

1. an exceptionally fine, timeless element expressing eternal or everlasting quality.

Lace [leys] n.

1. an ornamental, delicate adornment used to interlace or draw things together into a close, intimate union.

A wedding should have a timeless yet modern quality that remains beautiful for generations to come - vintage. It should also reflect the delicate bond that is created between two people when they choose to wed - lace.

As one of life's most anticipated milestones, you should feel beautiful, hopeful, and centered on your wedding day. Our goal - the reason we plan, que, fluff, and prep - is to create one-of-a-kind moments and lasting memories a couple will build their marriage upon. So, when life brings its natural challenges, our clients can reflect back on their wedding day - the start of their marriage - and remember what a magical day it was.


Vintage & Lace has been recognized as innovators and creative trendsetters best known for our stunning and unexpected decor and exquisite attention to every last detail. Every Vintage & Lace event is stylish, flawlessly executed, personal, and unforgettable.

Our wedding style takes the best inspirations of the past and adds a modern twist to create a timeless vision that has depth and personality. We enmesh romantic, refined elements with daring, eclectic pieces to create a unique style and a fresh wedding design that will stand out and never feel cliché or generic. We pride ourselves on being artisans who treat your event as a living, beautiful, and fleeting piece of art –just like life. 

Much of our style inspiration comes from our extensive travels and our love of art, architecture, and interior design. Whether it was visiting cafes in Paris, RV-ing across New Zealand, backpacking in Australia, furniture shopping in Bali, or browsing textile markets in Africa, we have always absorbed all the beauty and culture around us and been immensely inspired by the people, prints, patterns, and living art we experience on the road. 

Vintage & Lace at its core is a business about family -ours and yours. Founded over 12 years ago, I started Vintage & Lace with my best friend. Now, over a decade later, we both have our own growing families and tons of experience with events on the islands.

Our experience is what sets us apart. The intrinsic value we find using our talents to create memories of celebration for families to always look back on and cherish is what keeps us going.

We really understand the significance of this moment in your lives and bring the reverance and joy the occassion deserves to our work. 

Your marriage is mostly about the two of you embarking on your own journey as a new core family. However, it is also significant to so many others in your lives. As a mom, I can now feel just how much it must mean to see your child walk down the aisle...

If you choose us, you are choosing life experience, event experience and heart. You are choosing a highly knowledgable team that will help you achieve your wedding dreams but also one that is mindful of the deeper meaning and purpose of the event. You are also choosing to support a family business.

Let us help you begin your journey with moments everyone can remember for a lifetime!

Our Business is about Family

With over a decade of experience, we understand the importance of this moment in your lives and making the entire process something everyone can enjoy.

Designers. Artists. Dreamers. Wanderers.